To celebrate 50 years, DipCon2019 will feature the first ever black tie round of tournament Diplomacy. It’s a fun way to elevate the occasion and just have a good time. Every attempt will be made to have Round 3 boards consist entirely of players either wearing formal wear or choosing not to participate. It may be that those in formal wear will be playing in a different location. As this has never been attempted before, we are still working out the details!

The idea is to create a formal diplomatic dinner. Military dress or period costumes are also encouraged.

For those looking to purchase a tuxedo, there are cheap options here:


For those renting, there is a Men’s Warehouse a few blocks from the venue.  You can get fitted at a Men’s Warehouse near you, and have it shipped to the Seattle location for pick up and drop off.  More information here:


Ladies, we’ll let you decide what constitutes formal wear, though you’re more than welcome to wear a tuxedo if you choose!  

If you have any questions, please ask! Hit us up on Twitter at @DipCon2019 or Facebook