Where to Stay?

If you don’t mind a couch, a roll away bed, or possibly the floor, we will have crash space in the Presidential Suite, as we always do.  However, DipCon 2019 looks like it will end up being bigger than days of WACcon past, so this space may be a little cramped.  If you are interested in this space, please let us know.

If you are looking for more comfort, you can try the Inn at the WAC, though they tend to be around $250-300 a night.  We do have a few rooms blocked - please contact us if you wish to book one.  Also you need help finding a roommate let us know.

Other Options

DipCon 2019 will be happening right in the heart of downtown Seattle, so there are a lot of hotel options. All of the following are within 2 blocks of the Washington Athletic Club:

The Crown Plaza

Hotel Vintage Park

The Hilton


The Sheraton Grand

Looking for a deal? The best deals we know of downtown are a few blocks away, but easier on the wallet:

The Moore Hotel

Hotel Seattle